Demo Pub Football Pool

This page is simply a demo page to demonstrate what you can do with the wordpress plugin. This particular page is what we call a “Sub-Pool” meaning that it’s part of a larger overall pool. This type of setup is ideal for when you have a large city-wide, or region-wide pool, and individual sponsors want to have players compete at their own business. We’ve setup this page as if it were a real business, (but it’s not) just to show some of the ways you can run promotions.

Setup your own wordpress widgets like sliders, videos, or anything that’s possible in wordpress. Put it around, before, after your pool plugin so that you can truly customize the page to be your own.

Pick one team per week.
No repeat picks
Lose and you’re out
Win and you Survive

Pick the entire slate of picks each week. Top player each week will win our weekly dinner for 2

Put a map on your pool page, make sure anyone and everyone can easily get directions to your place.

Free Fries with any Large Pitcher on Game Days