How to Join

The process to join the pool should be like any other typical registration on the web. You’re asked for a USERID and PASSWORD, which will be used to identify you in the pool, so make sure to put something appropriate. Then, you enter your email, and confirm it to make sure it’s correct, first and last name, and make sure you agree to the terms.
When you’re ready, click on “SEND” to have your information saved. If there’s any errors caught, you will be prompted to correct them.

An email will be sent to you with this information, however, it may not end up in your inbox if your spam controls are too tight, or if your email provider decides to filter it out. So go looking in the spam folder, or junk mail, and see if it’s there. Do you need it? No, not really, if you can remember your USERID and PASSWORD, then the email is just a confirmation.

Once you’ve joined, you should be ready to play some games and participate.

The software developers privacy policy is very strict. Names, and IDs are not sold, shared, or shown to any third party outside the workings of the football pool. The pool manager, businesses, and sponsors of any football pools have access to your information for the sole purpose of running the game and making contact for notifying winners and game functions.