How to Play Survivor

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Survivor is a game where you pick one team to WIN each week. (In some variations, it can be setup to have to pick two winners to survive.) If your team wins, you move on to the next week. If not, you’re eliminated. Most of the time, the rules are setup to only allow one team to be picked for the season (or duration of the game) and after that, you have to pick other teams. This is where it gets tricky as you have to sometimes plan out when you might pick strong teams, and when you might take advantage of a weak matchup.

The Survivor picksheet looks like this. On the left side are all the current games for the week selected. You scroll down the list, and click on the team you think will be able to win this week. You can “play ahead” and pick future weeks, and setup your strategy in advance. Just click on the Week you wish to select for in the right column, and it’s game schedule will load on the left. When you make your pick, then it will fill in, and you can move on to other weeks, or leave it until a later time.